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Mijnheer Pirroen

Mijnheer Pirroen "Mijnheer Pirroen" is a double room under old beams in a charming combination of black and white. Here you dream away in a double bed under a warm duvet. The bathroom has a washbasin, a shower and a toilet. This room is charming, cozy and very pleasant. Pirroen can charm anyone.

Mijnheer Pirroen Mijnheer Pirroen was always seen in sunlight and rain, with a white silk high hat, a plum-coloured coat and a walking stick whose handle was the horn of a goat... He was built short and square as a box. Pirroen had green eyes. He claimed that the soul lived in the abdomen, "sad people always have squeaky and soft bellies", and he could argue for hours. And when, in the end, people said he was right, like pharmacist Snip, Pirroen said: "No, I have no right, it is you that is right". Pirroen sayed, "love is will", and he curtly governed love, because he wanted to remain high in his own eyes. He was satisfied with himself, knew no trouble, was never afraid and loved extremes in what he said and did.This new original Pallieter figure has something strange-bohemian, something of indestructible self-confidence, mocking dominance and radical consequence of the predecessor. But after the strong growth of Pallieter Pirroen is in and out of a different life. Lust of life gave him the humor and a sense for contradictions and weaknesses, that in ordinary life are seen as conventional. There is a lot of seriousness of the author in his work, he has all the phenomena of life, including that of sentimental love, finally subordinated to his artistic elation about the work of image of life.


Price includes breakfast (incl. VAT).

Pirroen 2 persons 1 person
SUN, MON, TUE, WED, THU: € 80 € 65
FRI, SAT, and night before public holidays: € 100 € 85

Stay with more than 3 nights: -10 € discount per night per room.

Stay with more than 6 nights: -20 € discount per night per room.

Without breakfast: -5 € discount per person.

Luxe-breakfast with bubbles: +5 € per person.

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